Images on wood

A recent development in my work is a series of drawings and paintings on wood.  Using unprimed panels allows the wood grain to be an integral part of the image, In fact, in most cases, the image arises from the grain of the wood, and my job is simply to recognize and draw out the image that lurks there.  Of course it isn’t that simple, as another eye, another sensibility, would see something entirely different.  If two people are finding images in cloud formations, the images each sees will profoundly reflect his or her own thought processes.  My own philosophical and emotional preoccupations will, of course, be reflected in the images that emerge, as I wrestle them forth from the grain of the wood.  

I have always found it both challenging and fruitful to impose arbitrary conditions on the formation of my images, often beginning with abstractly drawn shapes or planar divisions or random splashes of color, which, deeply pondered, suggest images and narratives that can be drawn forth and elaborated upon.  In the case of the pieces on wood, the wood grain itself serves this purpose, giving rise to images, and continuously directing and defining their development as finished statements.

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I find that I am drawn more and more to narrative- to images that suggest  echoes of stories remembered or imagined.  The process of pulling images forth upon the page or panel or canvas evokes responses from the depths of my own consciousness, and gives them form which, I hope, will elicit similar ripples in the mind and memory and imagination of the viewer.

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