Suite Dreams

This is a series of drawings on the theme of dreaming. The drawings are all in an 8″x 8″ format, and are available as deluxe giclee´prints in a 7″ x 7″ format. I am in the process of turning them into a series of oil paintings.  I call the set “Suite Dreams.”

Here are the images, in the order of their birth.


The image fills frame nearly to bursting; the frame becomes both sheltering cocoon and constraining limit.


“The Casual Violence of Dreams”

Dreams give us unsettling access to our darker regions.


“The Sleep Of Reason Breeds Monsters”

This idea, and its title, are borrowed from Goya.


“Erotic Dream”

We all have them, long before we even recognize them as such.


“The Wheel”

This drawing is based on a recurring nightmare from my late childhood and early adolescence. The Wheel approached, carrying unexplained but undeniable dread and accompanied by eerie, discordant music, until it and its sound completely filled the space of the dream… and then I would wake.


“Visions, Unbidden, Haunted her Slumbers”


“We Dream of Flying”

Another recurring dream of my childhood always began with me walking. My steps would become longer and longer as I gradually became more buoyant, until I was airborne.  I would think “Oh, Yeah! I remember this!” as I went swooping and gliding. The feeling of elation stayed with me, for awhile, when I awoke.  I miss dreams of flying; they seem to have deserted me.


“Anxiety Dream”

These are less intense than nightmares, but troubling enough, in their way. The particular anxieties are as varied as we are.


“THe Fluid Irrationality of Dreams”

When we sleep, we surrender control over our thoughts.  This one is in progress as the first of the oil paintings.


“The Dream of Immortality.”

This may be the source of all creative endeavors.


“Dream of Longing”

Or maybe this is.


“WE Are What We Dream”

Nearly all of my imagery is derived from this notion. I guess this puts me in league with the surrealists.

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