“It’s Harder Than You Might Think”  2020


Each of these images began as an abstract arrangement of shapes made without an image in mind, a colláge built by gluing various materials (various papers, thin slices of wood) to a backing of cotton rag board. The characters and their individual narratives emerged from these simple abstractions, and I drew them as they announced themselves, using graphite and charcoal pencils, colored pencils, touches of gouáche, and even 22kt gold leaf… whatever the image seemed to call for.

I began the series in Autumn of 2019, when we were still unaware aware of the coming pandemic. Its overall narrative begins with musings about the creative process, the urge to strive toward ideas larger than ourselves (‘reaching for the moon”), and the difficulties and rewards of that striving for meaning. As winter waned, and spring arrived bearing the global pandemic, the series began to reflect my thoughts about isolation, aging, mortality, and acceptance of the inevitable.

I entered my seventies midway through this series, during the global Covid pandemic. Un-coincidentally, the image of the “Shadow Man” made his first appearance about that time, and is now a recurring theme in my work, even having his own series. Other recurring themes of mine (dance, the moon, music, the creative process) all feature in the overall narrative arc of this series. The “Colláge Series” gallery presents the images in chronological order.

Some of these images have been sold, but some remain available . All of them can be purchased as archival, “Fine Art” prints. Contact me for availability and pricing.

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